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Engineering and Construction

Few engineering and construction companies have captured the full benefit of digital technologies. Due to many known challenges of the industry including decentralization, lack of replication and fragmentation along supply chain, engineering and construction (E&C) sector is one of the world’s least digitized industries. Many companies struggled to apply digital solutions at scale despite site and office workers grumbled about having to adopt yet more new technologies—before abandoning them and returning to their old ways of working.

Facility Management

The digital transformation in facility management is no longer a matter of yes or no. Using technology and data is a must to stay competitive and constantly add value to companies’ offering. This can happen through improving the reaction time, broadening the services or collecting building information real-time.  Facility management industry traditional businesses based on people relationships are now forced to become more data-driven and automated.

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Real Estate

The real-estate sector is seeing a whopping consumer-driven movement. Consumers are overwhelmingly engaging with real-estate products and services using today’s dominant digital mediums. People, residential and business customers, expect to find all-comprehensive experiences that will help them take the property investment decision wisely. They expect to manage their contractual and financial obligations with you smoothly. They also expect you to be there post the property purchase or rental.