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BIM & GIS integration allow location intelligence and design to make smarter decisions that help solve real-world problems and create a more sustainable, resilient future. While BIM & GIS is mostly associated with design & preconstruction, it absolutely benefits every phase of the project, even after construction is complete. BIM & GIS working together to address global challenges from climate change, population growth, and mass urbanization.

Eram will support you through the journey of applying BIM & GIS to your project allowing you to take the full advantage of a successful implementation which will advance the understanding of projects in context of its location and the broader natural environment, enable collaborative workflows that minimizes data loss and reduces inefficiencies, make more informed decisions to accelerate project delivery and improve the operations and maintenance of completed assets.

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Eram will offer a comprehensive BIM & GIS solution that will offer

  • CAD-BIM-GIS Data Preparations & Migration
  • GIS Enterprise Geodatabase and Basemap
  • GIS and BIM Integrations
  • GIS and BIM Solutions Implementations